January 20, 2010

God's Immutability (1/8/10)

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January 2010's meeting was on the topic of God's Immutability, hosted by Tim Troutman. An open discussion followed a 15-20 minute monologue on the topic, and plenty of fellowship followed.

The issue of God's immutability is an issue that sometimes doesn't seem to have much practical value since we cannot comprehend God's essence as it truly is (i.e. outside of time). The Scriptures consistently speak of God in mutable terms; He gets angry, He regrets, He chooses, He pours out wrath, etc. But to ponder immutability, or any of God's attributes, is a worthy endeavor because it forces us to see ourselves in relation to our Creator. It helps put our lives into perspective, and if there are no other reasons, that shall suffice as practical.