December 5, 2009

Anglicanorum Coetibus and the Renewal of Catholic Liturgy--Recap

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December 4th, 2009

Thanks to everyone who joined in Liturgy & Lager last night in Charlotte. It was especially good to have with us Sid Cundiff, who is doing so much to promote the traditional liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church.

The points of similarity between traditional (i.e., ancient and organically developing) Catholic liturgy and the Anglican Prayer Book are fascinating to contemplate. For example, in many cases we find a beautiful and accurate translation of traditional Roman collects in the Anglican Prayer Book. Many of these same prayers have been excised from the Missal of Pope Paul VI, and replaced with novel compositions and / or redactions. Compare the 1962 Missal to both the historic Prayer Book and the 1970 Missal, especially at high points in the liturgical season, and you will find more similarities between the traditional Catholic liturgy and the Anglican liturgy than between the traditional Catholic liturgy and its modern counterpart.

With the pope's creation of the Anglican Ordinariate, there is an historic opportunity to wed Catholic theology with the finest form (aesthetically speaking) of English liturgy.Perhaps Catholics of the Anglican Ordinariate will be allowed to adopt a liturgy that is based directly upon the Sarum Use of the historic Roman Rite, which will be expressed by traditional, liturgical English, drawing directly from Cranmer's masterful translations of the old Roman prayers, while eschewing once and for all his non-Catholic theological insertions and omissions.

May God continually bless the work of Pope Benedict XVI, architect of the Anglican Ordinariate, and the first and foremost hero of the Catholic liturgical reform.