November 12, 2008

First Meeting- Recap

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Tim Troutman founded Liturgy & Lager in May of 2008, although he must have conceived of it somewhat earlier. Originally, this thing did not have a name. So the first meeting is only the first meeting of "Liturgy & Lager" in the sense that Pentecost was the first meeting of the "Catholic" Church; which is to say, in the real and true sense. Now, do not think that by selecting that analogy I am implying that our group has a very high opinion of itself. It is just the first thing that came to mind.

Eight or nine men showed up, and we talked about whatever we felt like talking about. Three or four of us spent a lot of time discussing theories of biological evolution and how these might relate to Catholic dogma. The text of Genesis and the relation between body and mind figured prominently in the conversation. We concluded by adopting a broad agenda and an intentionally flexible template for future sessions. Thus, we hoped to ensure that L&L, while remaining quite informal, would not degenerate into a few guys getting together to talk about football and drink beer. Not that we have anything against those fine institutions.