October 29, 2008

What is Liturgy & Lager?

Liturgy & Lager is a group that started in 2008. We meet one a month in the University Area in Charlotte at Texas Land & Cattle restaurant. We meet to discuss theological and liturgical issues which are of interest to the Catholic Church. The agenda is unapologetically Catholic though non-Catholics are welcome.

If you're interested in attending an upcoming session, please email Tim Troutman at timatroutman {at}gmail{dot}com.


Jason said...

A friend directed me here; I'm actually a student at a Reformed Presbyterian seminary in St. Louis. I very much enjoyed watching your video.

Tim A. Troutman said...

Jason, thanks. I understand you fellas have something of your own going on up there?

japhy said...
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japhy said...

Hey Tim, et al.

This is Jeff from The Cross Reference. I'm starting a new blog, Critical Mass (I'm very into puns for titles...) which is all about liturgical catechesis for the Roman Rite (Ordinary for now, Extraordinary eventually).

If any of the L&L members would like to contribute to this new blog, let me know.

The blog will be hosting, among other things, an in-depth look at each part of the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite (in Latin and in English), providing catechesis on the use of Scripture throughout the Mass, what we say and do, and WHY we say and do it.

Keep up the L&L series. More video in the future, please!

Tim A. Troutman said...

Jeff, sounds like a great blog, I'm adding it to my bloglines now. I wouldn't be much help as far as contributions because I'm not well educated on the rubrics but its definitely something I'd like to learn more about.

(And I have too much fun editing those videos to stop that any time soon)!

Jeffrey Pinyan said...

Hey Tim. If you guys happen to be having your "Liturgy & Lager" meeting in July on the 9th (the Friday after 4th of July), there's a decent chance I can be there.

My wife will probably be up at Toronto studying Latin at the time, and I have a few days off from work around the 4th, so I was planning on driving down to EWTN for a few days. If you'll be meeting that Friday, I'll go to Charlotte on Friday and then head home Saturday.

Let me know. I know it's a bit early to be planning, and I don't know if L&L takes off during the summer, or if that particular Friday is a bad one, but if it works for you all, I'd be happy to make a guest appearance. ;)